Customization of Automation Hub Email Notifications

Hi UiPath-Team,

for rolling out AutomationHub across our organization, we would like to see two features related to the automatic email notifications about new tasks or updates on automation ideas.

Currently, I cannot see any ways to:

  1. customize the look and content of the email.
    I’d very much to incorporate our own logo (like replacing the AutomationHub on AutomationHub itself). While we do not want to entirely alter the texts of the notification, it would be very useful to at least customize the signature and maybe add short text.
  2. change the from-address of the notification. Within our Org external emails are always marked as such and most of the time hyperlinks are disabled by default. So it would be perfect if there was a way to set up an IMAP or pop3 account with one of our org’s email-addresses from which all future emails will be sent.

Please let me know if these are already possible and I just didn’t find the correct setting.

I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

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Thank you for the feedback.
These scenarios are not supported today. We will add these insights, and depending on how many customers are expressing the same pain point, we will prioritize its implementation.

As for replacing the logo Automation Hub within the platform (but without impacting the emails at this point), if you are the Account Owner for the Automation Hub tenant, you can replace the default logo from Admin Console > Account page. Please see the details here.

Kind regards,

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Hi Iulia,

thanks a lot for taking this feedback.
I’m looking forward to see customizable e-mail-notifications in the future!

Kind reagards,


Customizable email templates is something we would love to see within Automation Hub

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