Custome Activity for Delete Blank Row OF Excel

Hello Team,
How to make custom activity to Delete Blank Row of Excel
please help me with C# code for same

Hi ,

I think this scenario came in another post .

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Thank you so mush Priyanka_Ramesh.
But I want to create custom activity using C# code

The forum is not meant to be a place where people do 100% the work for you. You need to show some sort of effort. If you show us what you have tried, then someone will be happy to help you when you get stuck to help point you in the right direction.

@Priyanka_Ramesh linked a different forum thread where this exact issue is resolved - perhaps you can state why that is not an acceptable way to perform the task ?

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Please help to solve the error for Custom Activity

Hi ,
i variable has been declared as String and used functions of Int.

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