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We have a BU that needs a process scheduled for the 3rd business day of their monthly schedule. In the pic below, the green cells are the days they need to process to run over the next 3 months.

I tried playing around with CronMaker, but wasn’t able to determine an expression that would work.

Is there anyway to handle this scenario via scheduling, or will the end users need to start the process remotely via Powershell/API call to Orchestrator (only unattended bots currently)?

After discussing with the users, they’d like the 3rd business day or the month. I can get a Cron to do the first business day after to the 3rd day of the month (if the 3rd is on the week-end), but not the actual 3rd business day.

0 0 0,20 3W * ? *

Any suggestions?

Well @rridlen

There is a cheap workaround if you will.

If the schedule is fixed (imported calendar with all company holidays fed into it), then you can schedule the bot everyday and in the actual code itself you can check whether it is the third day of the month by incrementing a counter.


You can go with cron expression (with the schedule imported into the orch. calendar) but I am not sure as to whether the cron will be versatile enough (I dont claim I am an expert)


Thinking about 3rd business day every month, it is going to be 12 days a year, which you can easily put it in Configuration file that is read before the bot is run.

If the date is not present then bot will exit, simple as that.

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Thank you. I hadn’t thought to put the dates in a config file. That works perfectly.

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