Custom Named Entity Recognition Documentation

Hey guys,

Was following the documentation Here on creating an Example use case for extracting chemicals using the Custom Named Entity Recognition ML Package and discovered the prelabeled test dataset link doesn’t work. Hoping you guys can update so I can follow the example…

Also as an aside - a bit more of a detailed flow on using label studio to generate the resulting dataset from this example would go a long way to help understand how those prelabeled datasets were created.

Thanks in advanced,

Hey Jonathan,

Thank you for your interest in the Custom Named Entity Recognition ML Package. :smile:
The link should be fixed now. You can check it in the documentation or here.
Thank you for the suggestion. I will take in consideration and update the documentation soon and let you know when it’s done so you can check it.

Thank you,

Hi Jonathan,
Thank you so much for the feedback. We have heard you and added a Workshop Webinar to install Label Studio hosted by the Label Studio team. Please join the workshop for detailed walkthrough on July 20, 7:30am PST on Zoom Link here

That’s great Vishal – Sadly I won’t be able to attend that due to conflicts :frowning: Are you recording it? Would love to watch it at another time…



This looks great. Thanks for the share!