Custom library/activity - is there a way to check if an OUT argument is populated?

I have a custom activity that can output two values. But the projects using the activity won’t always need both values, so the developer will only put a variable into one of the OUT arguments.

Is there a way to tell that there is no variable in one of the OUT arguments, so my custom activity can skip the relevant code? This would increase performance.


you could just check if out_var is nothing
If so go route a if not go route b

Assuming an out argument can be checked the same as an in argument, this still won’t work. Because the variable placed into the activity in the parent project could be Nothing.

What I want to know is not the status of the value but whether or not the out argument is populated.

For example…


I want a way for the code inside this activity to know that there is no reason to run the “previous business day” section of the code because that out argument is not populated in the parent project.

Hey @postwick

Sorry, a bit unclear on the requirement.

Kindly explain.