Custom html display till an action triggers



What can i do to show an html display to user till an action is completed by uipath in the background?
Basically, i’m expecting a solution like Custom Input activity available, but will not retrieve any data from user ,and will show an html page till a stage is completed. and once the action is completed, this html needs to be closed.

Note : This is for attended robots and is expecting an info display to the users.

Thanks in advance


Hi @Anoop_M.P

It is actually an interesting feature idea, so I moved it to ideas section.

I could extend this idea and make it possible to display a progress/report info box that could be attached to a particular loop/sequence/entire workflow and that would have some possible options, such as “always on top”.

Now, I haven’t tried it, but I suppose you could use the Parallel activity to display a message for the duration of a process and then close it at the end. I am not sure if you can easily close it though as it would be part of the process, but the idea might be worth exploring.


Thanks @loginerror for the response and your view on extending this idea. As mentioned in the workaround suggested, showing an info box(hope you meant the message box activity itself) in parallel, would require an additional click by the user as it is user driven bot, or even if bot is going to click the OK button, it wouldn’t be a visually good feature. What i’m expecting is to have a custom activity to show a html display like, for eg., “Please wait while browser is loading” kind of message in parallel activity while bot is loading browser within Block user input functionality in background. The intend is to let the user know about the escape route for killing Block user input, if there is some issues with the website.