Custom Fields Doesn't Appear in ML extractor vai public endpoints

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I need help regarding document understanding using custom ML extractor Vai public endpoints.

As of now I have created successful pipeline with ML skills and I have ML skills endpoint with me. I have below queries -

  1. In new cloud Orchestrator does AI unit consumption API and Document Understanding API key is it same? Actually I don’t find separate document understanding API key in services → consumption section.

  2. In UiPath Studio → document understanding framework → In ML extractor I have used ML skills endpoint along with AI unit API key but I can’t find all custom fields in drop down list of configure section which i was defined it while building data labelling module and published at AI center - what could be the reason?

  3. I have trained only 20 sample pdf invoices files in data labelling- does this causes an issue for not showing custom defined field in ML extractor drop down list?

  4. please note - I am using UiPath Cloud Enterprise version for AI center and to train ML skills and i am using ML extractor Vai endpoints in On-prem UiPath Orchestrator. Like Hybrid Automation (Cloud + On-Prem Orchestrator)

Your suggestion, advice, help would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Were you able to resolve or find the root cause of this issue?

I am also facing similar issue.

Issue got resolved for me.

Resolution below,

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