Custom BRE steps

I’m trying to create a custom BRE in RE Framework, but it’s not performing as expected so I’m sure I missed something. I’ve checked out several threads, but none of them has helped.

Basically an application has a screen with data. The data is exported to Excel and filtered. If anything hits the BRE criteria it’s written to an excel spreadsheet and emailed. I want the transaction status to go to as BRE, stop going to additional steps, and move to the next Transaction Number.

I tried a Try/Catch with Throw in the Try block, and BRE Exception → Log in Catch. However, when the scenario triggers, the workflow is moving to the next step for the same transaction which errors, instead of moving to the next transaction number.

You are throwing a BRE, but catching it right after that. By doing so, it never goes up to the TryCatch of the Process state, which is where the transaction status will be set.

What you can do in this case is just throw your BRE, then, in the SetTransactionStatus.xaml file, you can take the actions that you want, like writing things to your spreadsheet.

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