Custom activity queries


I have developed a custom activity. Below are the details I’m looking for:

  1. I have published the code and imported it from the Studio. Now I want to edit(Add/Remove) the properties of the activity which I have created earlier. Suggest me a way to edit them.
  2. I wanted to change the metadata of the Activity like Authors, Description. I have tried using Nuget Package Manager, but in Studio while importing the package the updated metadata is not reflecting. Suggest me a way to change them.
  3. I want to debug the custom activity code in Visual Studio by using UiPath Studio’s execution.
    Let me explain how I’m expecting:
    • I want to debug in such a way that using VS breakpoints, I want the Studio’s Execution to pause. (Why because I need to monitor how the button events are getting triggered in my custom code.)
    • I have tried by using Attach to process from Visual Studio, but that is not helping me.
      Please suggest a way to achieve this.

Thanks in Advance!!


Are you using UiPath activity creator to build custom activity in Visual studio ?

Yes @lakshman


Rebuild the package post done changes in the Metadata. Have a look below thread.

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nuget explorer

ensure while saving the edited nuget that the version number from metadata is properly reflected on filename

in case of same version was already deployed, delete it from nuget store C:\user\Username.nuget before redeployment. Otherwise the updated package will not be reflected

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Open that .cs file in visual studio and you can add/Remove the properties. Post done rebuild the package and then check it once.

@lakshman, thanks for helping me out!!

You mean under MyCompany.MyProduct.Activities. projects in activities folder .cs file right?


Are you suggesting updating properties under the above showed Properties Region?


Yes. Change the properties here and Rebuild the package.

No luck, those tried earlier to add a property but not worked. Usually, properties are available in Resource.Designer.cs file tried over there to update them but many compilation errors occurred(maybe I’ve attempted in the wrong way).
If you have any workaround to make it happen pls suggest.

had you checked nuget package explorer?

Yes @ppr, this is working fine Thanks!

Any insights for the remaining queries?

to which process you did attach?
maybe you can bring the test cases into visual studio by referencing uipath acitvities
and invoking it from there

New WorkflowInvoker(YourUiPathAcitvityInstance)

Maybe following will help:

I will give it a try @ppr, Thank you!

This is working fine Thanks @ppr.

Can you suggest any way to make changes in the already deployed package’s properities, as part of requirement chahges?

Not sure if I got all details. So let me start to answer:

  • editing metadata of nuget package: Nuget Package Explorer as mentioned above
  • editing already rolled out package:

Lets assume following:

  • myPackage.2.0.0.nupkg was deployed, we do see it on .nuget store (typically: C:\Users\XXX\.nuget... extracted)
  • unfortunately we want to correct a spelling in the metadata description field

When we do it on myPackage.2.0.0.nupkg (and will result with an edited package but with same id and file name), then we can expect some sideeffects:

it is not ensured that this change is recognized and that the updated 2.0.0 version will be picked up by nuget and redeployed to the .nuget store. We can do it manually by deleting on the store and offered by the configure feed. But also it does make intransparent as with the info 2.0.0 we dont know if we got the old or corrected version.

So it will be more reliable to reflect every changes on a package via the semantic versioning.

However feel free to navigate within the .nuget store to your package and have a look on the *.nuspec file

Thanks for your explanation.

Sorry, it’s my bad! I was referring to properties of Custom activities, not for the NuGet package.

So let me explain you an example:

  • So I have developed and published a custom component, with some set of properties(Inputs and Output)
  • So I got a new change in the requirement that I need to add two more inputs to that custom component.
  • So currently I am not sure what would be the correct approach for adding/removing the custom activity’s properties.

I hope I was clear with this one, please let me know if you need more insights on my query.

handle the development project by a source code system (e.g. git) and get controlled your development progress.

the package enhancements (if needed) we still do it with nuget package explorer

I know about source version control. I have source code in handy.

From the above, you quote you see a Properties region in my source code. Which was generated by UiPath’s Activity creator, this will be generated while we are defining custom activity properties, so once we click on save, all the properties we have added earlier will be generated in form of a script, under the Properties region in our source code.

Now I have to add a couple of more inputs. I’m not sure how many .cs files I have to update for my new property.