Custom Activity of Tesseract OCR package not visible under Uipath activities

I am creating Tesseract OCR for reading some receipts.
I have created code in visual studio 2019 and tested the code. The code is running fine.
Now when I am creating the NuGet package for the same so that I can use it in Uipath.
After installing the package I am not able to see it under Uipath activities.
Maybe because of the additional file under package which was not handled properly while creating the NuGet package, however, I tried all the combination but still no luck.
Below are a screenshot of the build path.

How to add additional file while creating Nuget package, please help.

You need to place it in the path


and the version of the uipath studio which you have in your local is dynamic

Thanks for reply, but i have a doubt. for others package its working fine when placing it under
I have defined MyLocal and installing the package from my local as below

However i tried placing at the location you mentioned.
I believe something wrong with creating Nuget Pakage.
It would be really great if you or anyone can guide where to place tessdata and other two folder while creating package.

Currently i am creating package like below structure and adding dependencies for tesseract

I’m not sure about this issue, will let you know if I found anything regarding this.