Custom Activity not working with Windows Compatibility Mode

My Custom activities are working with Windows-legacy but not with Windows- compatibility.
I have referenced to this post Windows Compatibility Mode still not showing Custom Activities - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

as well as Migrating Activities to .NET 6 ( but still facing issue.

My Code has all required dependencies/assemblies installed yet i get error that System.Activities is not proper at run time.

Need some guidance to create activities for Windows Compatibility.

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Try installing this package from
Manage pckes and then check if the custom activity is still throwing error UiPath.Workflow.Runtime 6.0.3…system activities are there under this package I believe

Hope this helps


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It may be better to use UiPath.Workflow.Runtime 6.0.0-20220909-01 if you use 6.0.3.


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I was able to resolve System.Activities error, but then started facing error for other DLL’s.
I am unable to understand, why .Net4 Framework (Windows-Legacy) able to work with simply having installed libraries during code build in VsCode where as Windows is asking for specific path of dll files

This problem is resolved. Here is a step-by-step solution for anyone facing similar problem in future


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