Custom activity not working in package

I’ve created a custom activity/library that gets credentials from a secret server.
This is the first time I’ve packaged it up and tried to run it with Orchestrator on another machine.
When I package up the bot and run it in the UiRobot it works seamlessly on my local machine and works when I run it on VM.
The only difference I can see is that on the other machine that im using it doesnt have the studio installed

When I use this on another machine and connect to orchestrator to get the package its says An Error appeared while executing thycotic_0365Test
Error message: cannot create unknown type’{clr-namespace:UON_RPA_COMMON_Thycotic;assembly=UON.RPA.Common.Thycotic}GetSecret’.

The Custom library must be uploaded to the package section in Orchestrator so that the bot can look for it when its run.

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