Custom Activity for vlookup in excel



What is the use case?
An Customized Activity for VLOOKUP in excelsheets.

How do you see a solution for the use case?
Can create a custom activty and a reusable component for using VLOOKUP in excelsheets for the developers who frequently work on excel sheets. In this activity we provide input values for lookup_value, column_index and gets the match_output

Scope: ______________
Custom Activity
Reusable Component


Please find the download link for the activity


But you already have Datatable.Select which is way more powerfull than the old Vlookup. You can search by multiple indexes and it does not require sorted data to work fast. On top of that, you can search with LIKE, which cannot be done with Vlookup.


Yes, that is a way but if we have direct custom activity then we can avoid exporting and importing the data into datatables in some scenarios.


But you can use Write cell and place the formula there. It even works with autofill if you provide a range instead of a single cell as target.


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even we do have a write value activity to check any formulas in excel

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so you make an idea for the idea contest and post the solution in nuget pkg form within a couple of days?
well … thanks! :smiley:

and @AshwinS2 – as @CorneliuN has demonstrated, there are many ways to skin a cat, but who skins cats?
You can set your excel workbook to calculate automatically / on open, you can reference the cell containing the formula or the cell containing the formula result/output , and use UiPath to perform actions based on the value of that cell…

I believe UiPath will open the excel workbook using the read range activity , which would trigger the formula calculation , if excel is configured to do so (on open) … if not you can start msexcel using open application or start process activity and have the bot manually perform checking operations (though not as efficient)