Custom Activity: Collection as Input Argument



I am creating a custom activity, and I want one of the input arguments - a dictionary - to appear in Studio the same way that the ItemInformation argument of Add queue item appears, that is, with a pop-up window that allows the developer to add a variable number of elements that goes into the input collection. How is this achieved?

Snap shot of desired functionality:

Code example that does not work:


@TDagsvik did you found a solution for this issue? I also developed custom activity but I am struggling to define collection input parameters. Thanks a lot.


Unfortunately not. Please let me know if you find a solution!


Hi. Please have a look at:

These posts helped me to find the solution.


Hi, do you have a solution for this, because in my case I am able to see only disabled “Collection” and not able to open the Argument input box. See my post: