Custom Activities?

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I have a doubt, is it possible to call UiPath’s activity inside my custom activity created with c#?

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Mostly not possible.

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I would like to know
what custom activity you created? and which uipath activity you want to utilize inside your custom activity? and why?

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I have not created an activity yet, but for example:
If i create activity where the result is FirstName and LastName in C# and after i would like to invoke an existing uipath activity e.g.Message Box. in C# inside my custom activity.

Is it possible ?

Thank your time

Custom Activity you will be writing in VS and you will be publishing nuget package from nuget explorer and then you will configure @managepackages at which stage you want to include this message box?

  1. you can use message box next to your custom activity.
  2. you can write the C# code to display any value in message box by including in your Custom Activity code System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show(message,Title) you can add custom buttons too. (please not that when ever you use this activity message box will be displayed).


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