Custom Activities to post messages to Slack Channel/Rest API



#### What is the use case
At the end of a logical step in a process, a custom activity to post message (or html content ) to a Slack channel or Slack API will be very useful to notify users the outcome. This activity can also to used to post custom messages or data from a process execution ( for example - result of a complex calculation before generating invoice ) . With Slack notification available on mobile, this activity will be useful to get real time notifications.

If an activity with ability to post to a Rest API is available, this will be used to integrate not even slack but any rest API apps such as Service-Now , AWS Lambda etc.

#### How do you see a solution for the use case?
The activity will have an output variable (Slack API/ Channel ) , a customer message field and an optional input variable. All together. the activity can post a message with an optional data variable to a defined Slack Channel.

#### Scope:

  • Custom Activity
  • Application Connector


UiPath.Web.Activities.HttpClient allows you to send REST-API-Requests