Custom Activities in ui path with diffrent application

Hi All,
Hope you are doing great. Please give your suggestion on below two queries

  1. Currently i am using " MS Visual studio & Nuget pckg exp " for custom activities, can we use any other application for custom activities ?

  2. We can drag n drop in Ui path, Is there any way to write own CODE in Ui path? or every time we have to write code in other application then import in Ui path?

Thank you

Hi @mohitsaxena79,

Not sure whether there is alternative for Nuget package explorer, but you can execute your own code instead of drag and droping activities. There’s another activity for that which again you need to drag and drop i.e, Invoke code.

Got it, i think we can not use invoke code like as custom activity, can we save invoke code and can use in other bot development if same scenario comes?

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yes, we have option to copy and paste the sequences from one bot to other. If you want to copy a particular activity also you can copy. But the variables you have to create again in the new bot.

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Thanks alot :slight_smile:

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