Custom Activities for COVID-19 incidents

Developed some reusable components(custom activities) to get the COVID-19 incidents across the world, by country and etc. Output in JSON format. You can use these to speed up your automation workflows and dashboards. Below is a short demo of the output of the activities.

A short demo of these activities can be seen in my LinkedIn -

Data Source:

Link to download the package:


Hello! This could be useful! Have you thought about submitting it on the UiPath Marketplace?

Sounds like it has the chance to be a potential reusable component that more people could use in the COVID-19 related automations.

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I have submitted the components in the UiPath automation hub related to COVID-19.

I did submit in the UiPath market place also. Thanks

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Its in the UiPath Market place now -

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I check out the data at