CurrentRow not able to compare to string

I have an cell from excel like this

And I assigned it to a variable
I made sure the output is abc using write line

and I have a state machine with the condition set to this

But the transition wouldn’t happen, the exit message in “Setup” would not show
I tried assigning FINALWAREHOUSE = “ABC” by itself in Setup and it worked, but it wouldn’t work if I do it the way I currently do
Anyone have idea why?

Hi @Joanne_Chang_LAX ,

Could you provide us with the Screenshot from the Output Panel (ABC value) as well ?

Also, the variable type of FINALWAREHOUSE is assumed to be String type.

I know it’s assumed to be string type I’m just messing around it trying to make it work :smiling_face_with_tear:

It wouldn’t work even if I didn’t make it .ToString

Use following within the conditon


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So would finaloutput be FINALWAREHOUSE?

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