Current package for selector is slowly clicking the java pop up


For some people may have seen my post before about selector clicking slowly. I figured it out by using an old selector or “Send Hotkey” which is from another project with package 18.4.2 or 18.4.3 and there is no hotkey scope for hotkey trigger activity in that package. In the current package, there are no more “Send Hotkey” or Hotkey Trigger. So using either selector or hotkey trigger and set delay before, delay after or anything with the current package, it’s still taking a very long time. Any explanation for this? If I want to do an activity that requires selector or hotkey I have to open old file and copy it…

Hi @Rhys18 ,

I think you have the modern activities enabled, where the name has been changed to Keyboard Shortcuts Activity.

Indeed you may have the Modern Activities enabled. To see the Classic ones also, you can check the Show Classic like here:

Hi @Rhys18,

Follow the steps below in order.

1-Right click on your project and go to settings tab.
2-Turn off the modern design option.



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ty for the respond guys, it help me !! Appreciate it a lot

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