Cube Build Fails And UiFrost Is Shown As Data Source In Insights UI

How to resolve when the data source is shown as UiFrost and the cube build fails in Insights?

Issue Description:

  • The data source is shown as UiFrost in Insightsurl/app/data and the cube build fails when no one is logged into the Insights server
  • As soon as someone logs in to Insights server, the data source name changes from UiFrost to UiPath Analytics, and the cube build gets successfully completed without any issue.

Resolution: For 2019.10 Insights with Windows Auth for SQL

  • If Windows Auth is used for connecting to SQL for Insights in 19.10 please add "startAsUser": false as a key/value pair to C:\Program Files\Sisense\DataConnectors\JVMContainer\Connectors\UiFrost\description.json
  • Validate your Sisense.JVMConnector Windows service is running under the correct Windows account and restart the service.