CTRL + Z Doesn't Undo Active Edit Text

If I :

  1. Change the “To:” property of my first assign Activity (from i.ToString to i), then
  2. Change the “To:” property of my second assign Activity (from x.ToString to x), then
  3. click ‘Ctrl + z’ while renaming the second activity:

The “To:” property for the first activity gets renamed (from i to i.ToString)
The “To:” property for the activity I am actively editing remains unchanged (x)

My Theory is that the Undo Command only undoes actions that have been completed, it won’t undo something that is actively being edited. If I finished editing the second assign activity and clicked out of the activity, ‘Ctrl + z’ would then undo renaming the property for the second activity.

If I am working on a big VB expression and need to undo something, the VB expression wont go back to the way it was, but whatever activity I was working on before modifying the VB expression will now be reverted to whatever state it was in previously

I wanted to Bump this because I think it is very important!

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I agree with you and our team will have a look. Some improvements to user experience are already being considered (I cannot share anything more), so stay tuned.

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