Ctrl + alt + delete/end




I’m trying to take backup of Windows Credential Manager and during that process ctrl+alt+delete/end needs to be pressed. I tried to use Send hotkey and Type into components to add mentioned combination but seems to do nothing.

Any ideas how to use ctrl+alt+delete/end?



Can you send us the selector for the activity? From what I see Ctrl+Alt+Del has no effect on the Windows Credential Manager but Ctr+Alt+End works.
I attached a screenshot with the activity.
Also, it might not work if the Windows Credential Manager runs in High Integrity (under Administrator).


I have used “” as selector.
I tried also without any selector, but I cannot see any actions.


Somehow selector was not pasted to previous email:
"<wnd app='credwiz.exe' cls='NativeHWNDHost' title='Stored User Names and Passwords' />"