.csv without headers


I am trying to read a file from IT to create a data table but the file is an unstructured, data file. This is the error I get when using the Read CSV activity:
“Read BAI File: The CSV file format for S:\Data\UMBFS\General\fincrtl\RECON\RECON_REPORT_BOT_ARCHIVES\BAI2\test.BAI2.20200326.MILTRANS.csv is invalid. Line 3 contains more values than the header line.”

After talking with It, there is no other way to get this data so I’m curious if anyone knows a way to still be able to read the file? Below is a screenshot of what the data looks like:


to read CSV without headers just un-check headers


I tried that but am still getting the error.

can you share csv file?

It can be only with several rows, rows that are causing you trouble…


I actually solved for it by opening the .csv and then saving it as a .xlsx. The Excel activities were able to read the table without any headers. Thanks for trying to assist in this.

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@rgardner5564 How​ to​ solve​ it?