CSV & Webservice

Hello everybody,

please I need your help,

I don’t know how to use the values from the CSV file as a parameter to the web service?



  1. Use a read csv activity, you will get the information in a data table, let us say dt
  2. Using a for each loop, get the value you want to enter into the webpage
    row(“column name”).tostring…assign this to a variable.
  3. Use an open browser activity to open the particular web page
  4. Now use type into or whatever acticity you want to use for the webpage and write that variable.

thanks @Niket_Ghai

it’s okay for the 1 and 2 but me after I have to use the activity HTTPrequest and into the parameter I have to use the value assigned.


any other help please ?

Could you specify the types of values that are in your csv type? Some examples would be helpful.

please find attach the file

thanks a lot

any help please ?