CSV to Web - all entries in column are inputted

I have a ‘read csv’ going into a ‘foreach’ which contains a ‘type into’. When I run this, all the row entries for the column specified in the ‘type into’ are entered into the field e.g. a list of email addresses.

It seems I need to specify a row delimiter but can’t see where to do this.

@Andrew_Callaghan Could you please elaborate on the query?

When I run the project, every email address in the EmailAddress column in my csv is entered into the field on the webform like this: email@email.comanothermemail@somewhere.commoreemails@someplace.com

Hi @Andrew_Callaghan :wave:

No issues, we can solve this but, before that can I know what delimeter are you using in the Read CSV activity?

I’m using comma

Very well, can you share a screenshot of your CSV file or the file itself?

Thanks for you help @monsieurrahul. The csv:

1,hdfgh@dfgh.com,gavin,smith,email@place.com,Water,12/9/2020 7:35,6,hgfhdfghdfg

@Andrew_Callaghan Do this:

  1. Read the CSV file, choose the delimiter as comma, and store the output in a DT.
  2. Iterate through the DT, and choose row("AccEmail").ToString.Trim to fetch the particular row’s email.

I’ve added the .trim change but its still concatenating all the emails from the email column

Here’s a sample workflow for you: Andrew_Forum.xaml (5.1 KB)

Let me know if the error persists!

The error persists. Its as though the ForEach completes one email and then instead of going on to the next field in the webform to input a different variable, it just enters the email from the next row and then the next etc…



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It’s because you have designed the workflow like that! Here’s what you should do instead:

  1. Iterate through the DT.
  2. Go to the web page, type in the email, click OK, and perform required activities.
  3. Use Navigate To activity to go back to the first page and perform everything again.

This will ensure you are performing the entry for every row in the DT.

@Andrew_Callaghan Here’s how your workflow should be (reference, include inputs as required):


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Thank you. That works! I haven’t thought this through programmatically have I. Got a better handle on this now. thanks for your help!

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Haha, we’ve all been there bud! Cheers!

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