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Hope everyone is well. I have done csv to excel conversion.I have few sequence. when converted csv to excel file that’s i want to use in Excel application scope as a variable in different sequences.

  1. Convert csv to excel (Which is done) 2. use converted excel file in Excel application scope as a variable which is converted by first sequences.


@Jesmine while converting csv to excel file by write range you gave your file name with path right.store that in a variable and give the variable in your excel application scope.correct me if my understanding of your query is wrong.


As per my understanding, you have two different sequences in your workflow and you have converted the csv file to excel file successfully in first sequence and you want to use the data from this excel file in another sequence as a variable into the Excel application scope.

Assuming the above to be case, when you convert the csv file into excel file, you use some path or location to store that excel file. Use the very same path or location as a file name in the excel application scope.


straight away have a string variable which contains the path of the excel file, use this variable in the Excel application scope.

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