.CSV to Excel considering format numbers

Hello i have to transform .csv to .xlsx i know that with:

Excel Application Scope
Write Cell and passing the data table

The problem with this is that decimal number ar taking as text so occurs this error:
Number saved as text

I solve this doing
Excel Application Scope
Read range (output: infoExcel)
for each row in infoExcel
get row item
replacing row value (".","").Replace(",",".") and convert this to decimal an assing to a new decimal variable
Use format value selecting character decimal and character group
Write Cell and passing the format value

This works but when the excel has 8000 rows it takes like 20 minutes too much!

So i was thinking that maybe reading the csv , build a data table activity with each colummn as the format that i want to the future excel and passing the datatable generate by the reading the csv and write cell inside a excel application scope is it possible ? or how would you do this ???

One of the option is to simulate the steps performed by a human to convert csv to excel.

ie. Open the CSV file in excel, save as .xls and format if needed.

You can use recording feature to create the workflow.

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