Csv file to delimeter with semicolan

Hi All,

I Have a CSV file . I Need to delimit the file with semicolan and write the same file as csv

Any help pls - Thanks

Hi @Fresher

Can you elaborate your query.
It will be helpful for others to help you.


Use delimiter from the dropdown. inside write csv properties

HI @desineediaditya

I Have csv file ,like below
I need to delimt the file with semicolan

Thanks @Vajrang. Tried this but its not working

I did read the csv file and write the same file with delimiter “;” semicolan - but its not delimited

Your data is obviously semicolon delimited.

I Mean - the data- text to column conversion then select the semicolan and next . I need that kind of processed data

Maybe you try again to explain what you have and what you want to do.


I have an csv file where that whole data is in column A as above

I want to execute text-to-columns and put these values in separate columns (A, B, C & D…)

You could always just do text to columns via send hot keys in the open excel file. The save it, read it and then do stuff.

Another way is to explore how the data is going into the excel file, maybe you could change that process.

Die you try the Read CSV Activity ?
Result is a Data Table you can write to an Excel sheet.

Thanks @Matt_S I will try that . but I looking for any VB scirt or invoke method for obtaining the output.
where the whole process will happen in backend

yes, it not working