CSV File to DataTable problem


I`m reading excel/csv file with read range activity. My headers starting on A4 to Z4. For example, headers names are alphabet letters A,B,C…

My generated table looks like that:

column index 0 - A;B;C;…X ( all headers and data from all columns are put in to the one column )
column index 1 - column 1 ( no data )
column index 2 - column 2 ( no data )

What i want to aquire is
column index 0 - A and data from column A in excel
column index 1 - B and data from column B in excel
column index 2 - C and data from column C in excel

Thank you from above

Hello @Add_Bddd ,

Have you given the correct value in the delimiter property while reading the csv file?

In your case, I think it’s semicolon.


I use read range activity instead of read csv activity beacuse i need to start from row 4 (A4) instead A1 as it would do :frowning:

just be strict

Excel - read range
CSV - read csv file / read text file + custom parsing

on excel we canmodel the offset by the range e.g. A4

when CSV file has also an offset we do use read text file, skipp the unneeded lines and passed it to the custom parsing e.g. generate datatable activity

In that case what you can do is, read the datatable from A1 using Read CSV activity and after getting the datatable, remove the first 3 rows.

Hope this helps!

It will not work, beacuse once readed it will set column names in datatable :<

Hi @Add_Bddd ,

To be More Precise in Suggesting Solutions, Is it possible to Provide the Input Data?

You can Show us a Screenshot of the Data if not possible to send the file.

Most probably we would require to Remove the Starting 3 lines as your Data starts from the 4th line, But we do not have a visual of the Data. Hence, we cannot confirm.

I think i will do the easiest solution here and i`m going do delete obsolete rows in excel before reading as CSV and keep first row as headers. Anyway thank you all for help, though there is maybe some possibility to set read range while using “read CSV” function.

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