CSV file - Renaming sheet name - Solution

Hi All,

While i was struggling with renaming a csv sheet i discovered a solution. My need was to save daily a csv and rename with date but further for power bi the need was to load all csv from folder and sheet name to be the same to all.
So the csv doesn’t have sheets so it takes its name.

the solution is to have a csv constant name with minumum 31 characters; the sheet name is limited and if you put at the end date or something variable won’t appear in the sheet name

Hope someday will help someone!


Hi @Cosmin_Cirnu,

Refer this below:

CSV file -Renaming sheet name


I’m not sure what you mean by sheet name? a CSV file is just a text-based document where all the text is separated by commas , to indicate new columns in a row and newline characters to indicate new rows.

However, if you want to change the name of a csv file (or any file for that matter, regardless of type) it can be done with a single activity: Move File

The following should be the properties in your move file:
From Path: This is the path of the existing file. Make sure to include the .csv file extension as well
To Destination: This is the path where you want the file to go. If you want it to be in the same directory but with a new name, just keep the path the same put change the filename portion. You can do this with Path.GetDirectoryName(OldFullFilePath) + "\" + NewFileName + ".csv"