CSV Data Extraction & Excel data without Coloumn Names

Hi all,
I am new to Uipath, I need some clarifications for the below mentioned points:

  1. While working with CSV file with/without column names I am unable to extract the data to a Data table, after extraction I am unable to extract the data form the DataTable for further processing.
  2. The issue is some what same as mentioned above, without specific column name how to extract the data from the excel file.
  3. How to open excel workbook, as per my knowledge we can open it with the help of open workbook but when tried i couldn’t find it in the activities panel, i got to know that functionality is available in Uipath.V7.Activities and I am not able to locate the file in the package, can anybody guide me on how to upload that package.
  4. How to keep the excel open and writes the results in real time, row by row so you can see the changes
  5. How to calculates the SUM by using excel formulas

Any suggestion will be helpful and Thank you.

You will get answer for all your queries in the vedio tutorial of UiPath.

Thanks for your suggestion.

After a long research of one week, I have posted on this forum

If u can share any link rewarding those issue it will be very helpful.