CSV: Cant read csv file with csv activity


Im trying to read a csv with the csv activity but I keep getting an error regarding to the format of the csv. I figured out that its probably related to the delimiter clarafication of the csv file.

The file is formatted as this, in quotations (cant upload since im a new user):
“Type”;“Navn”;“Mobilnummer”;“Beløb”;“MobilePay-nummer”;“Navn på betalingssted”;“Dato”;“Tid”;“Transaktions-ID”;“Besked”;“Gebyr”;
“Salg”;“FAKE NAME”;“xxxx 1260”;50,00;“63110”;“Røde Kors-indsamlingen”;22-10-2019;05:35;“030E026645249388”;”";0,00;
“Salg”;“Another fake name”;“xxxx 6339”;20,00;“56853”;“Røde Kors Read and Care”;22-10-2019;07:32;“207E026646171085”;"";0,00;
“Salg”;“Yet another name”;“xxxx 6339”;20,00;“56853”;“Røde Kors Read and Care”;22-10-2019;07:35;“035E026646196331”;"";0,00;
“Salg”;“Last fake name”;“xxxx 2129”;50,00;“600697”;“Røde Kors - Velkomsten”;22-10-2019;07:54;“195E026646383155”;"";0,00;"

Anyone who can help with a solution to this problem?

Kind regards

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Hi @mwraae Welcome!

Could you maybe send a printscreen of your process so i can see what it wrong or what could be improved.

Happy Automation! Cheers!

welcome to uipath community
–it looks like there iis semicolon as delimiter so read csv wont work
–in that case use READ TEXT FILE ACTIVITY and get the output with a variable of type string named str_output
–now use a assign activity like this
str_output = str_output.Replace(";",",")
this will replace the semicolon to comma
–now use GENERATE DATATABLE ACTIVITY to get the output datatable variable
similar to how we use READ CSV activity as it would give us datatablee variable as output

hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @mwraae


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