Css selector issue for ui automation

Error in css selector when the class name is just numbers

Css selector:

webctrl css-selector=‘body> div#mainDiv> div#main-div> div#page-container> div#content> div> div#menu-shadow> ul#main_ul> li#main_parent_185> a#185> b’

The element tree:

Now if i remove “185” name from a(Last second element in css hierachy, everything works fine, but if add the complete name “a#185” it throws an error.

I tried wrapping 185 in qutoes but no luck.

You tried with a wildcard?

put * before “185”

No luck @Adrian_Star , rest of the class names seems to work fine,
Just that the name “185” is causing an issue. Is it because it is only numbers?

What i did was go into inspect and change the id to “expense_tab” from “185” and in selector give “expense_tab” instead of 185. This seems to work

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Turns out in case the name of the a class starts with a number, you have to escape it with \3