Crop image upper half section

Hello, I downloaded a xaml from the forum that crops an image. what I need is to only crop the upper half section of an image and I’m having a hard time adjusting the (x,y,height,width) to achieve it. the reason is that the upper and lower sections are exactly the same and by cropping it the OCR will be able to better recognize the fields and generate more accurate results.

New uipath.core.Region(New Rectangle(x,y,height,width))

Can someone please help?

its not clear on what you a looking for

maybe you are looking for this: from a Region we can acces the rectangle infos with the help of .Rectangle.Value.###

so we should read out existing region and can do the calcualtion for getting a half section rectangle.

this new calculated rectange we can set by:

@ppr thank you so much, I think that is exactly what I need!

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