Cron Job to trigger process on last day of month minus 6 days


I am looking to schedule a process monthly. The process needs to run 6 days before the last day of the month. I also don’t want this 6 days to include weekends.

Thanks for the help


Use this

0 0 0 L-6 * ? *

In addition, when scheduling in Orchestrator, be sure to check the ‘Apply non-working days restrictions’. To set the non-working days, go to settings --> non-working days and select weekends.

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Thanks for the response. I have just came up with the below to run at noon for 6 days before the end of month. Does this look okay?

0 0 12 L-6 * ?

Yup! Looks good!

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If this day was to land on a weekend would we be able to run it on the previous Friday.

Ie: If it was on a Sunday, minus 2 days or if it was a Saturday, minus 1 day?

Thanks for the help

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