Cron Expression: Last 10 Days of each Month


Is it possible to have a cron expression to run a process for the last 10 days of every month on orchestrator?


I suggest you ask on Stack Overflow. Though UiPath is Windows-only so I’m not sure where Cron comes in?

I’ve edited my original post, should say that this is for scheduling in Orchestrator.

Hi @Craig1

Check this

0 0 12 10 1/1 ? *

Ashwin S

You can build your own cron job in site… cheers!

When you specify the Day of the month you can use L for Last and extend it with L-3 to indicate the 3rd to last day of the month. Noting that L and L-0 both indicate the last day.

Unfortunately ranges in this manner are not supported with the Quartz Cron and those that accept ranges it can be unpredictable of how it will be parsed.

0 0 12 L-3 * ? *
At 12:00 PM, 3 days before the last day of the month

So to achieve what you are looking for, to the best of my knowledge you would need to create multiple triggers to cover your 10 day range. At the plus side, the ability to do so you don’t need to worry about how many days in a month there are.

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