Cron expression for Business days

Hi Team,

I need help with the following cron expression, Please guide.

1: Starting 7th business day until 13th Business days of every month
2: Everyday starts at 7.30 am and ends 8.30 pm.

Well I have this for now, but not sure how to modify for business days only.

0 30 7-21/3 7-13 * ? *


Hi @KiranP

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You will need to use a cron expression for the dates and time. Then combine that with a non working days calendar in Orchestrator AND the stop job function when you create the job.

Take a look here:

Step1: create a non working days calendar (see link)

Step 2: create a trigger job using this Cron:
0 30 7 7-13 * ? *

Step 3: whilst still creating the trigger click the “Stop Job after” toggle. Here you can specify to stop after x hours or minutes.
Insert “13” into hours and save.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:



What are you trying to achieve? Where will you use this cron expression?

Thanks Steve, i followed the same steps as : 0 30 7-21/3 7-13 * ? * + calendar for non working days.

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