Cron Expression: 06:00 - 08:20, Every 10 Minutes

Hi All. I need to trigger a job to run every 10 minutes between 6AM and 8:20AM, inclusive. It seems cron expressions are pretty limited. I can’t even schedule 6AM and 8AM with a single job, since the last run would be at 7:50. Am I missing something? Are there any alternatives or more flexible scheduling options? Thanks.

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I think it is possible for 6 - 8 am with expressions something like this

0 0/10 6-8 ? * * *

Cheers @steve3886

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Thanks Planiyappan, but that would run the job from 6:00 AM to 8:50 AM. You can do strange times, but you can’t do normal times.


Then Have it in two schedules

One for 6-8

*/10 6-8 * * *

And another for 8 - 8:20

0 0,10,20 8 ? * * *



Yep, thanks again, that’s the best way I guess. Would be nice to have a better scheduling system, where I could say in plain English: “Every 10 minutes between 6AM and 8:20 AM” on one schedule.

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Yeah May be in feature release
But for now this should be fine


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Without the ability to Script the trigger which is common in other Platforms / Systems, Cron Expression are pretty limited. In this sense to accomplish the same thing would need to Trigger a launching process, or include the logic as part of your Init of your intended Process - Or as @Palaniyappan pointed out, to break apart the Trigger into 2 or more triggers based on your needs.

I would encourage anyone that is interested to search the Cron and/or Trigger Tag, as similar questions have been asked in the past and the community has been helpful in providing available solutions, albeit the specific details may be different the implementation is the same.

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Thanks Tim. Could you expand on:

[quote=“codemonkee, post:7, topic:405813”]
Trigger a launching process[/quote]

I’m happy to search the forum, but if I search for “trigger” I’ll get a ton of replies. Thanks.

Just a UiPath process or script (via API) the would be responsible for launching other Processes as a middle layer to trigger jobs.

If you view the two links I provided to the Cron and Trigger tags above, you’ll find some common examples (I’ve been cleaning up and retagging topics as I see them in the Cron Expression space to make it easier to standout what scenarios might apply to individuals) e.g. " Cron Expression: 06:00 - 08:20, Every 10 Minutes" for this topic.

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Thanks again Tim, you’re right, I do see some good examples there.