Critical internal error

Hi All,

I have updated uipath community edition as version 2022.10.4. I’m getting error in adding dependencies in the project.

Error: UiPath.Studio.Contracts.RecoverableException: Studio closed the active project due to a critical internal error. You may retry to open the project.

I have restarted the uipath studio and also retried to open the project but it is showing loading in open main workflow.

I’m unable to open my workflows. Please help me out.



Could you please take a backup of the project and delete the project.json file. Then try to reopen the project in the studio.

hello @Rahul_Unnikrishnan,

I have tried deleting project.json file as well, but i’m unable to open projects.


Did you tried to use the Project dependency mass update tool.

Home->Tools->App->Project dependency mass update tool.

Hi @_Ayushi_Jain

Could you clarify the version once more? 2022.10.4 hasn’t been released just yet.

Would it be possible for you to provide some screenshots of the issue and/or attach the faulty project zip?

Also, does the same happen on fresh, newly created projects?

The problem persists in Studio 2024.2.1-beta.15932 - 2/23/2024.
Before updating Studio I could scroll through my activities without any problem. Now the studio detects a critical error and closes the project.
We have updated all the packages to their latest version and the problem persists.

Hi @Rucbot

Would it be possible for you to capture a video or give us exact step by step details on how to reproduce this, including the full error stack of your error?

It would help us a lot.