Credentials not passing through GetAppCredentials in REFramework

Hey guys,

I have an assignment in which I am required to log into ACME website without using the Orchestrator Assets, so I am using the Windows Credentials Manager via Get Secure Credentials activity in REF

When I test the login workflow, If I use the Get Secure Credentials activity directly into my login workflow, it works, the robot types the user name and password into the fields.(first screen shot)
But when I invoke the GetAppCredentials workflow in my login workflow, the studio throws an error, as shown in the second screenshot. I’ll also post screenshot 3 and screenshot 4 with my arguments and variables which i believe are binded correctly.

I’m trying to study after a hard at work day and I’m feeling tired, so maybe I’m missing something…

Thanks in advance!

in_credential = inconfig(“Acme_Crdential”).ToString

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