Credentials for "Calculating my Client Security Hash" exercise



Hello, I am ready to submit by solution for “Calculating my client Security Hash” which is working, but it occurred to me that my credentials for System1 are stored in my windows credential manager. The automated process that tries to run my code won’t be able to access the windows credential manager on my machine, so how will it be able to log in? Even if I create the System1_Credential as an asset in Orchestrator, my Orchestrator credentials are stored in my local windows credential manager as well. How are other students getting around this?



Note to others… my assumption was that my code was going to be executed when I submitted it. This turned out to be an incorrect assumption. The evaluation is based on the results of you running the process from your machine. DO NOT reset the data BEFORE submitting your workflow. If the data is reset, the evaluation will think none of the work items were updated when you ran it yourself.


I am currently working on this exercise and why does the instructions asking us to store “System1_Credentials” in an asset Orchestrator when we need to run from our local machine? Can you please guide me as I see conflict between the instructions and what we have to do in our local machine?



I think storing credentials as an Asset in Orchestrator is just another secure way to store them and so the exercise gives you practice using that method as well. I suppose another benefit of that method is that the credentials could be accessed by robots running on different machines without having to enter them into the Credential Manager on each machine… of course you would still have to enter the Orchestrator credentials on each machine to maybe this benefit is limited.