Creation of the pivot table22

Hi All,
Good morning.
I am unable to perform the pivot table on a excel file.
In a excel sheet I need to apply pivot table for 3 columns(one column(Unique ID) under row header and another two columns(Credit amount and Debit amount) as values .
Can anyone please help to do the same.
Your help will be appreciated.
thanks in advance.

Hi @HeartCatcher ,

Can you share What is your input and what you want in output ?

Spice Money Payments_SEP333’21.xlsx (209.2 KB)
Sheet1 is the input and the column to be taken as(SET ID as an unique value),
and the columns "credit and debit’ are the values to be selected as “SUM”
Copy of sPice Money.xlsx (138.8 KB)
Output should come as in the sheet2 in sPICE Money.xlsx

Can you please help me in this

Write below formula in column G

=VLOOKUP(Q2,’[Copy of sPice Money.xlsx]Sheet2’!$A$4:$D$449,3,TRUE)

For H

=VLOOKUP(Q2,’[Copy of sPice Money.xlsx]Sheet2’!$A$4:$D$449,2,TRUE)

Hello HeartCatcher,
Maybe this will help.
Here I have a Video with code of how I create Pivot Tabel: