Creating robots processes khm.... in pure C# code

Dear Uipath,

do you ever plan to make uipath GUI activities available from purely c# code?
I mean that except GUI actions (Click, Type Into, etc) all other programming activity (for loops, ifs, datatables, variables, objects, functions, whatever and the whole programming in general) is much easier in simple text (e.g. a C# console app/ service) instead of the MS workflow?
Creating and maintaining a complex solution is much easier in this way. Click also can be implemented - just the selector string needs to be defined.
What do you think?

We had this before…when UiPath was an UIAutomation SDK and Studio used for code generation only.

Only that it was not easier… you will need to write a lot of code for a simple click:

Thank you. Well it seems that it needs to be programmed very low level:)