Creating reusable modules/assets - Step by Step approach - Beginner

Hello Everyone,

I am a non programmer who is new to Uipath and have completed my foundation course. I am currently taking programming courses and would like to know how do get our modules published as activities in Uipath.

  1. Can we use Python to write code ?

  2. How do I publish them or make them publish ready after writing code

For ex: I write a code to perform addition of two numbers (example). How do I publish them as activities in Uipath? How do I make them / convert them into a format ready for use by Uipath?

As I am non programmer and beginner, my questions might be basic but any help would be highly appreciated

Hi @Selvasathappan

Well to create a custom activity that you can use inside UiPath Studio follow this link where you will write C# code and publish it to have your first custom activity:


Yes, you can use Python. You need the afferent Package installed, that will give you access to activities like Load Python Code, Run python code. Invoke Python method et al.