Creating Pivot Table in the background

I have a template excel file where I place datatable using Append range.
After appending, I need to create a pivot table using the written data, in the same sheet.

I need it to be done in the background, without opening Excel.

Please advise!

Thank you!

Not sure of a way you could do this without opening excel i’m afraid. You could minimise the excel window as soon as it appears and run a VBA script possbily?

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Hi @Michael_de_Borja

I’ll suggest you to record macro in excel with creating Pivot table and use Invoke VBA activity to invoke that vba script.

For that follow these steps :-

  1. Record macro with creating Pivot table, Save that Macro in a text file with a .txt extension.
  2. call the text file in invoke VBA code Activity. (and mention that method name in activity)
    place the invoke vba activity in a Excel Application Scope Activity.
  3. If any arguments need to pass to the method, pass in the “Entry Method Parameters” (to make range dynamic)


aww. thanks tho!

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