Creating new file for each robot


I have a project which does web automation and generates an excel file as output. This task is triggered from orchestrator and will be run on 2 or more machines simultaneously. I want each robot (machine) to create an individual excel file during the run and finally generate a final output file in a different folder with data from excel data generated by each machine.

As of now the project generates only one excel file which running it from orchestrator and all the machines add rows on the same excel with date and time on the filename.

this is how a file is generated during each run:

If all folders are sharable with script executing machine then you can mention the same path in Create File property.
It will create accordingly. Make sure you use system environment varibles to detect local paths dynamically. if you hard code path then all robots will create in the single location which may corrupt files or stops execution.

for example I run the task on 2 computers simultaneously and 2 files as shown in screenshot are created. I then need to merge two of them into one excel file on a different folder. How do I recognize these folders created on that particular run.

When you are defining the path there there is no need to recognize.
Example: “C:"+appdata+”"+UserName+“\desktop\newfolder"+DynamicFileName+”.xls"
This is a dynamic path for each PC. You have to use environment variables for Appdata, UserName and use Global Variables for DynamicFileName etc…

Hope my inputs are useful.

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