Creating multiple file of same type

I am creating a process in which im required to create a word file when ever the for each cycle is completed how will i create a new file with different name each time ??
any suggestions would be help full

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We can use word packages
—go to design tab and click on manage packages and search in official tab as uipath.word.packages
And install it
—now in the studio use a activity called word application scope and inside that we can create new file like this

For more details

Cheers @ahmaddaniyal

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Hi @ahmaddaniyal,
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You can just create additional variable with number and use it in the file name. On each iteration/loop just add +1 to it.

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thank you all for the suggestions will try the solutions and give feedback

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how to write multiple csv files using one csv file??

Hi @srikanth222,
I don’t fully understand your question. Can you describe a little?

i have the data of different department employees in a csv file and need to write the data in multiple csv files like each department data in each csv file

You could convert csv file in excel using comma as a delimiter and then using excel activites take each row and based on conditions you need write data from DataTable to another csv file using dedicated activities:

but my question is i have to write the data to 30 csv files how can it be done ??

need to print this in different csv files according to department id for example id=200 in one csv file and id=300 in another csv file

It’s just like I told you. Make from csv file normal excel file using comma as delimiter (convert text to table option). Then using Read Range activity make DataTable from these data. Finally using If and For Each activity based on your ID as a condition write particular data to specified CSV file with use of Append to CSV activity.

hey @pablito thanks for your idea but you aren’t getting my exact scenario
i have the data of 40 departments in a csv file (ie.employee: id,name,salary),i need to read that csv and write each department data into one csv file ie:40 departments data should be printed in 40 different sheets ,and i can’t use 40 filters to filter the data…my idea was sorting the data and comparing the data in do while loop. But iam not sucessful in using do while loop i’ll be thankful to you if you pass some ideas and it will be very helpful if you solve it and send the solution …

It seems like very complicated project. Normally when I have such difficult projects to do I’m just trying to write every step on paper and thinking how each step should be made. Just think how you could do this manually and then try to program it :slight_smile: