Creating long running process - process suspended problem

Hi all,
I’m developing a long running process with the persistence activities package. I’m using the community edition, version 2019.10.4.

The project settings has both the “Background process” and “Supports persistence” enabled.
The process starts (for the moment I’ve only tried starting it from the Studio), but suddenly enters in suspension (both in debug and run modes) when a standard delay activity is encountered, and inside the Studio appears a small yellow “banner-like” message saying “Execution has been suspended and is waiting for external events to complete”. I don’t understand why it entered suspension mode, and why, in the Studio, I have the Resume button enabled to resume the process. What external events is it waiting for? Why it suspends when it executes the delay?

In the logs the last two rows I see are:

14:43:46.1867 Trace {"message":"Delay Executing","level":"Trace","logType":"Default","timeStamp":"2020-03-05T14:43:46.1977432+01:00","fingerprint":"6bf4e7ef-3387-4195-8757-743c59d012f8","windowsIdentity":"LAPTOP-Q6BAPNR4\\Giovanni Romeo","machineName":"LAPTOP-Q6BAPNR4","processName":"TriggerOnEmail","processVersion":"1.0.2","jobId":"36b31188-6fb5-42a7-a443-f70e566ad048","robotName":"romeoBot","machineId":136971,"organizationUnitId":90235,"fileName":"Main","activityInfo":{"Activity":"System.Activities.Statements.Delay","DisplayName":"Delay","State":"Executing","Variables":{"messages":"System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Net.Mail.MailMessage]","mustStop":"False"},"Arguments":{"Duration":"00:00:02"}}}
14:43:46.3393 Info {"message":"TriggerOnEmail execution suspended","level":"Information","logType":"Default","timeStamp":"2020-03-05T14:43:46.3383632+01:00","fingerprint":"97d9e599-65ff-488e-86a4-462d1a5d303e","windowsIdentity":"LAPTOP-Q6BAPNR4\\Giovanni Romeo","machineName":"LAPTOP-Q6BAPNR4","processName":"TriggerOnEmail","processVersion":"1.0.2","jobId":"36b31188-6fb5-42a7-a443-f70e566ad048","robotName":"romeoBot","machineId":136971,"organizationUnitId":90235,"totalExecutionTimeInSeconds":1,"totalExecutionTime":"00:00:01","fileName":"Main"}

Giovanni Romeo

Currently LRWF do not support using the Delay activity. It will trigger persistence, and it will not have a possible Orchestrator trigger to resume. Some other activities also have limitations when used in LRWF like:

  • ForEach: Can't use persistence points in body, workaround is to use other loop and track index
  • Workaround for Delay issue is to delay other ways, you can use delay before or delay after properties in your UI Automation or maybe use an Element Exists with timeout set to your delay interval

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