Creating Hyperlink of file path in excel


I’ve successfully got the files path and appended the value in excel column. Now I want those files path as hyperlink in new excel column “URL”. Can anyone help me out?

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you can automate the excel by reading the value and iterate through it.

change the value of Text to display using the File Path value in your excel and the Type the cell reference using the counter to increment the value to where do you want to put the File Path value. @nibir08

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sorry i didn’t get the part “counter to increment”. Can it be done using uipath?

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You need to put the counter for you to increment the value in the Type the cell reference.

For example:

Your first iteration the value of counter is 1 so the value of Type the cell reference is A+counter.ToString

the next iteration is counter is 2 so the value of Type the cell reference is A+counter.ToString


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this is my file saving workflow. Actually I’m not sure how to do the “URl” part. It would be really helpful if I get a demo.

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like what i said you need to automate the excel.
1.Click the hyper link in the excel.

2.Click the Place in this document.

  1. Put the value in the highlighted area

Then repeat step 1 to 3


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The is having an activity called “Insert Hyperlink”. The single activity inserts the hyperlink to the cell inside excel.